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To be greater than good.
My new girlfriend is so much gooder than my ex-girlfriend.
by Michael Gomez September 02, 2007
62 59
meaning - better than good or gooder than good
oh man that movie was a gooder
158 97
Gooder: being more good than you were before
That beer was gooder.
by so fresh and so colleen November 01, 2011
31 18
Used to describe an item of particular goodness. Most often when referring to rolled up endo.
Check it out, homie rolled a gooder.
Damn, that is a gooder. Spark it.
by LHazel September 22, 2010
27 18
adj. – Better, Good, and Greater will fall behind Gooder, however Great, Excellent and Best would be a higher accomplishment.
The gooder the better.
by rlc82 January 20, 2009
37 32
better than good but not quite great because if you use the word great too much you sound like a camp counselor so just say good-er.
that girl thanh? yeah, she makes my life good-er.

my definition is good-er than yours.
by yellowisafreakinglifestyle January 01, 2009
3 1
verb; to search aimlessly through piles, boxes, sacks, drawers cabinets etc looking for cool collectable or usefull items. gathering all you find in a greedy manner to be hauled off and added to other piles of goodered items.
yesterday bob found a good pair of binoculars. yeah bob found a good one I found a gooder one.
by john t gooder September 18, 2013
2 1