THE best movie ever made. About the famous mobster Henry Hill, and his life being a a simple kid, then going into the mob. It is the best movie ever.
jimmy: have u seen good fellas?

matt: no, why

jimmy: cuz its mad good, here borrow it, tell me wut u think

(1 week later)

by your mom June 11, 2005
fucking sweet ass movie with robert deniro, joe peshe, and ray liota
i love goodfellas
by rhcpgod August 13, 2003
A guy you can trust, and who is fun to be around.
your gonna like this guy hes a good fella
by E December 30, 2002
One of the best mafia films of all time, arguably the best work of director Martin Scorsese, and a crime classic.

Stars: Ray Liotta (Henry Hill), Robert De Niro (Jimmy Conway), Joe Pesci (Tommy DeVito), Loraine Bracco (Karen Hill)

Based on the book "Wiseguy" by Nicholas Pileggi, and based on the true story of Henry Hill, an American mobster who was an associate of the Luccese Family of New York. The story starts in the 1950's, the "old days" of the mafia, before things got the way they are at present day. Hill starts out working at a small cabstand as an after school job, but ends up earning a lot more money, learning to score, here and there. The owner of the cabstand, Tuddy, brother of Paulie Cicero (the boss of the family) offers his affection and wisdom. Hill spends much of his time at the cabstand, and eventually drops out of school. Henry goes on to be an associate working for Paulie in illegal activities.

The movie is a dynamic, and is put together wonderfully, with flashback scenes, and clever narrations.

The movie Casino, also by Scorsese, which was released a few years later, has some similarities to Goodfellas, besides the fact that Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci star in it, as well.
As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.

You know, we always called each other goodfellas. Like you said to, uh, somebody, :You're gonna like this guy. He's all right. He's a good fella. He's one of us.: You understand? We were good fellas. Wiseguys.
by tazzman31 November 07, 2009
one who takes from the rich and gives to the needy
one who capitalizes on those who loaf*
one who doesn't snitch
one who tags GF everywhere
one who backs their mans up when they wreck
Damn, that guy just go good fella'd!
Yeah he now will be cold in the rain with no jacket!
by ChevyChase March 23, 2010
A pizzeria in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York. Named after the movie of the same name. Is the best pizzeria in the Bronx. Eat here if you are in the neighborhood.
GoodFellas is at 3820 Waldo Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10463.
by Woodlawn October 19, 2004
A round or pointed toe traditinal stiched Dressed shoe simlar to the shoes warn by the cast Of Goodfellas.
My now and later Gators are in the shop, so I put on somthing that would match the Goodfellas.
by B'Daren August 07, 2006
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