1.) Music you can listen too for years on end, without getting bored of it.

2.) Music that gives you this wonderfull feeling in your stomach, and makes the hairs on your back stand upright.

3.) Music that stimulates your brain and helps you think clearer.

4.) Music that is made with a lot of love, care and time.
1.) Good music lives for ever. people will still listen to the Beatles 50 years in the future.

2.) I love people are strange from the Doors. it makes me feel al warm and fuzzy.

(guy)Stephen Hawking likes classical you know
(girl)Ofcourse, classical music stimulates the intellectual side of the brain.

4.) I dont totaly agree with that. some early RAP is made with a lot of love and care but its still cRAP.

Also ..Cori <3.. a guy who posted a thread a few passes back has a good music taste. if you listen to RAP, pop or country. pick a few of those bands he has listed and feel your mind getting clearer.
by Cro..Scream March 06, 2006
Good music is what you make it. But good music is definitely not the shit that you hear on the radio. Good music involves actual talent and good lyrics. You not only hear good music but you feel it too. :)
MGMT, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Sick of Sarah, and Of Mice And Men are GOOD music
by realfuckingperson October 26, 2011
Grunge rock. Good music.
good music? Grunge: Mudhoney, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc.
by yeah bitch? May 01, 2006
See above for good music
by eriklllllll January 14, 2008
Jazz, rock, classical music, some forms of techno, anything that's not played on MTV, B.E.T., or the Top 40 radio station.
The Internet is also another source of good music. Too bad the RIAA is trying to shut that down.
by AYB October 15, 2003
by champion September 09, 2003
if you like it, then it's good music.

but, alas. there are a few exceptions;

listening to music, just because of the image of the band... that doesn't make the music bad, it just means... you should find your own thing... music you enjoy, not an image you want to copy.

music that your only listening to because your friends listen to it... WRONG!

personally, i think the best bands in the world are :

system of a down
green day
the killers
bon jovi
the rasmus
three days grace
billy talent
theory of a deadman

britney spears is not good music. she brings toooooo much image, if you get my drift.
by LadyOfTheCrow August 25, 2006
Whatever navi listens to. :(
navi listens to ayreon, therefore it is good music
by Ashleigh March 26, 2005

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