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heterosexual intercourse
ASG walks by...
ASG orgasms on spot.
by officiallyGinger. December 05, 2010
The king of oxymorons. Good mornings don't exist to many citizens of the world. EVER.
Steve: "Good morning, Chuck."
Chuck: "Fuck you."
by KDAWG April 15, 2005
A common phrase meaning the same thing as "hello" but it can only be used before midday. It does not necessarily assume the weather is good but is rather a simple greeting.
"Good morning" is another classic oxymoron.
by brendan July 01, 2004
When you wake up to your wife/girlfriend/some skank giving you a blow job.
I was so drunk last night, I don't remember what happened, but I woke up and that bar skank was giving me a good morning.
by Fatbox October 08, 2006
When you wake up from a night of sex and your privates do not hurt.
Tom-So did you have sex with her?
Jack-Yup and its a good morning.
by Nasty Nate the Dragon Slayer August 20, 2009
The act of cracking an egg over a steaming pile of fresh shit you just left somebody as a wonderful surprise.
I left a good morning for him in his lunchbox.
by RBurton May 13, 2008
To ignore a hater in a sarcastic way
Hater: Wow your a fag
Stud: All i gotta say is good morning
by currdog September 11, 2010