A good Friend not only likes to hang out with you and party and have good times, but thinks about you when you're apart and wishes good things for you. A good Friend may not talk to you every day or even every week, but can catch up in a matter of minutes. A good Friend will come to your aid, even when you haven't talked to them in weeks. Time doesn't lessen a good Friend's affinity for you. good Friends also are most honest with you, rather than shining you on.
Because I can go for weeks without talking to Beth and then catch up in minutes and because I would drop anything to help her or vice-versa, Beth is one of my good Friends. She has no problem giving me her True opinion either, like if my butt really is too big for those jeans. She usually has a better suggestion, rather than leaving me hanging with my big butt...suggesting I wear this mini skirt instead, because it makes me look hot.
by DanielleMaroney July 30, 2009
A good friend is someone who is willing to forgive all that was said in the past, but remember all the good memories and move forward. I good friend is there to listen to you and backs you up 24/7. A good friend makes you feel better, and is there to laugh and cry with you when your in need. A good friend loves you, and would not hurt you, and if they did, would apologize, and become as good as friends again as before. That is a good friend.
Kari, and Jessica are examples of good friends.
by Ashley K May 19, 2005
fuck buddies; most commonly used by guys who break up with their girlfriends but still want sex from them
"I hope we can still be good friends," Chris said to Ashley after they had broken up. In reality, he wanted her to expect some booty calls.
by Saucie216 July 06, 2004
A polite word for rejecting someone who wants to be your date.
Hey Al, we are still good friend, right?
by Mokonamon May 10, 2005
Your Girlfriend's "guy friends" who she has lined up to date after you break up
Mike is "Just a good friend, don't worry about us hanging out". After the breakup she then proceeds to date him.
by jay9won August 05, 2011
1. A conservative way of referring to someone as your fuck buddy.

2. Another way to describe someone you are having sex with or messing around with but doing it discretely.

3. Usually one or both parties referring to each other or being referred to as good friends are in relationships themselves; however, do not want to make it public.
Dude: There is nothing wrong with Tasha having a "Good Friend"

Dude (1): Are you fucking Tasha you know she is married?

Dude (2): Someone has to while her husband isn't around beside she has lots of "Good Friends"

Kim: Have you noticed Tasha has been going to Church?

Tim: Yeah she only goes because her husband will be asleep by the time its over then she hangs out with her "Good friend" Tyler.

Kim: I guess girls have to have someone to fuck, wait I mean “Good Friend” while there husbands are overseas.

Tim: Thank God for Church's the perfect excuse.... lol
by fuck up shit bag November 05, 2010
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