Good Charlotte is:

Joel Madden(vocals)
Benji Madden(guitar/vocals)
Paul Thomas(bass)
Billy Martin(guitar)
Chris Wilson(drums)

Identical twins Benji(guitarist/singer) and Joel(lead singer) Madden were born March 11th, 1979. The two grew up with their mother, father, older brother Josh, and younger sister Sarah. The twins (who are Christian) grew up in a strict house hold. Their brother had introduced them to rock music, but in the beginning, their mother was very strict about 'punk' music and had restricted her children to Christian music. Once, after finding a poster of a punk band on their bedroom wall, Benji and Joel's mom quicky tore it down. But that didn't stop them... At the age of 16, their father walked out on Christmas eve, leaving the family deep in financial problems and homeless for a while. The family struggled with money and housing for quite a while. Their anger against their father inspired and encouraged the twins to start writing songs and making music. Benji learned guitar, and Joel went into vocals. After graduating from highschool, their mother presented two plane tickets to California to them as gifts. The two then set off to pursue their goals. Pretty soon, the twins were getting recognized and got friends Paul Thomas(bassist) and Billy Martin(guitarist) to join in. Once the band was complete, the foursome took the name 'Good Charlotte' from a children's book. Soon after, Good Charlotte was signed and they recorded the epic and last year recorded their second cd; the young and the hopeless. They have written songs about suicide('hold on'), being yourself and not giving a shit about what others say('the anthem'), relationships('boys and girls', 'my bloody valentine', and 'say anything'), and even one about Benji's dog (cashdogg) "wondering". They've created these songs with so much talent while adding a little humor into them and their music videos.

Good Charlotte currently have 3 albums.

If you didn't buy the cd 'The Young and The Hopeless', here's the letter that Benji wrote inside:
"so it's 2 am july 27 2002, and we're driving thru the middle of nowhere on our way to a show in chicago. i haven't showered in a week, i'm running on no sleep, i miss cashdogg and some kid at the show today asked me "why i even call myself punk". these may sound like complaints but actually i'm really happy. i am listening to this record, yea i'll admit it I listen to our records and i am thinking how crazy all this is. 3 years ago i was stockin shelves at target living on ramen noodles and crashing at Billy's house. now i'm on tour. 4 kids from nowhere. we made another record and i feel just as excited as i did the first time. i say this all the time, but i mean it, if this all stopped yesterday i would still feel like the luckiest guy alive. i remember going into my room after school writing letters to record labels saying "you can sign us now for cheaper" and sending out demos. i laugh about it now but back then i was so serious. you know we dreamed about this all day every day and i gotta say it feels just like we thought it would. our goals may have changed. i'll admit, it's not about being famous or making millions of dollars anymore. yeah, i used to day dream about that, being broke gets old quick, but now i have sorta seen how it all works and i don't want to be the biggest band in the world i want to make music with paul and billy and joel. that's all. i want to tour. i want to be good to my friends. i want to take care of my family. i want to meet kids at shows. that's real to me. i see some bands and i get frustrated for them. it's easy to get lost in the whirlwind of all of this but i realize we all have to learn on our own, we are still learning. we have made our share of mistakes. we have done some cheesy stuff. but it's good to look back and laugh at how young we were. i see a lot of bands worrying about credibility and all of that and i guess i have realized it only comes with time if we are still here in ten years maybe we will be credible. til then we just gotta do what we want to do, make music. tour. provide for our families. you know i used to fist fight every guy i came across that told me i wasn't punk. lars asked me one night "are you gonna fight the world?" he was right, i was pretty stupid. it made me realize we are what we are and no one can change that. i guess we have done a lot of growing up since the last record. we started this when we were 16. its the only thing i ever had. its probably the only thing i ever will have.. i just feel lucky. we are four kids in a rock band from waldorf. we're no better than any other band out there and we know it. so thanx for getting our record and being part of this. thanx for giving us a chance to do what we love. thanx for making this real.
see ya at the show
good charlotte
the young and the hopeless"
by Riot Girl May 14, 2005
A band that is listened to by the masses. People think that only psychopathic, freaky, dim-witted preppies listen to them, but that is entirely untrue.

1. We do NOT all think Joel is hott. Get over it.

2. Some of us, I repeat, SOME of us actually have brains and can use them in a very intellectual manner.

3. They aren't trying to be anything. They're just being themselves and making music.

4. You know, you CAN listen to Good Charlotte, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, and a bunch of other various bands without being a poser.

& 5. Ok, maybe they "sold out", but if you want to have a career in music that you love doing, and actually make money doing it, you HAVE to sign with a major record label. Get over it.
I rest my case. I'm not saying that any of you have to like Good Charlotte, but I'm just asking you to hear me out, because I'm not like most of the fans you've probably met. Good day to you. :]
by Amberr June 11, 2006
Quite possibly the worst band of all time. The genre of this band is "Poser-Punk". They pretend to be punk in many different ways, such as spiking their hair to ridiculous and unnecessary heights. This band was made famous by a network known as MTV (better known as Moron Television). This band lacks something known as talent, which is usually a very important factor to a successful band, which Good Charlotte is light years away from. The singer as a very annoying, whinny, bitchy voice which makes me want to bang my head against my window over and over until the glass shatters. The guitarist is restricted as a background sound, and all the guitarist does is play a bunch of random 3 note power chords. The bass they even have a bass player? I can't hear it because the power chords are so fucking loud. The drummer is off beat, he might as well grab a branch off of a tree and bang it on his head, it would most likely make the same sound as his drumming. It is painfully obvious that the main goals for the members of Good Charlotte are two things: Money and chicks. No, they don't care about making beautiful music, they just figured that if they pretend to play, and think of lame emo lyrics such as "HOOOLD ONN IFF YOUU FEEEL LIKE LETTING GO", the chicks will love them. Unfortunately, this has became true, they are loved by many preps. MTV basically played this band on their station to brainwash all the preps into listening to bad music. Oh well, there's nothing we can do.
Prep: The song "Hold on" saved my life!!@!!@!"

Someone who isn't an idiot: "Yeah, too bad it's ending ANYWAY!!"
*shoots the prep*
by Robo Robot June 05, 2005
a good band that is unlucky enough to have a few fans that act like complete morons.
"omg good charlotte is the greatest band ever they are sooooo punk!!!"
"uh, no, they're not really. but they are a good band. please calm down..."
by BobThePenguin August 10, 2005
A faggy, annoying band that 12 year old posers tend to be obsessed with. They suck at everything they play, sound like shit, and probably have circle jerks with eachother. They team up with Simple Plan to be the worst excuse for punk bands in the history of music. They in fact DID sell out. Just because the lyric books says "we'ld like to thank the fans" does not mean they actually give two shits about you.. sorry.. but they're fucking horrible, poser, POP (not punk), loser band that should be terminated for all airwaves.
Once these 12 year old girls hit 14, they will hate good charlotte like every other non-poser, normal person!
by A Wishful Puppeteer May 14, 2005
a talent-less poser band that tries to make everyone think they are punk when they are definitely not.

anyone who thinks they are punk has no clue what punk is and should probably shut up and finish they're homework (fucking teenyboppers). this band has no talent and plays nothing but formulaic cliche poptard music.

the average age group of listeners is 14. anyone older than that who likes good charlotte is just a dumb-fuck preppy who is too stupid to find real music to listen to.
Good Charlotte is NOT punk.

Good Charlotte is listened to by 14 year-old teenybopper little boys.

Good Charlotte, along with Avril Lavigne, have tarnished the punk image with their conformist pop retardations.
by CurvedMirror July 20, 2008
haha calling this band punk is like calling eminem a rock artist. this is pop at its worst. this is sacrilege to the punk genre to groups like black flag, dead kennedys this must be a slap in the face to those bands. gc is just a shame for music in general. listen to someone with real talent like opeth, porcupine tree, dream theater,buckethead, among countless others who are obviously more talented that these two chord "punk" group
poser kid: i love good charlotte
me: *kills violently*

is that a good example for ya, hate on me all you want gc retards
by rupturedinsides June 14, 2005
a band from maryland that consists of a bunch of posers. they call themselves a punk rock band, but all they sing about is cars and money and being famous and breaking up with their girlfriends. they are not punk rockers so they should not call themselves that.
Guy 1: "GC's awsum"
Guy 2: "Dude, are you on crack?"
by i hate posers June 03, 2005

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