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A modern scots saying to describe an inedible object that causes an overpowering urge to chew or bite
"did you see those shoes?" "no" "shit son, they were good meat"
by MARVIN STRAIGHTE September 01, 2013
A description of a man who is sexually appealing because of his body size. See thick.
"He got that good meat."
by thewebbiest January 18, 2009
Good Meat is a term that encompasses many different meanings:

1) A sexual, term referring to the person as an object of 'Good Meat'
2) That someone is the host to a plethora of 'Good Meat', as in meat for eating. In this context you would take into account the supposed flavor of the meat, consistency, texture, tenderness, etc.
3) That someone is cool and bad ass, as opposed to being 'Bad Meat' which means that they can be any or all of the following: Smelly, douchey, slutty, extremely overweight, extremely underweight, a poser, an asshole, a bitch cunt bitch and so forth.
4) Good Meat is also a company that specializes in providing the public with 100% Good Meat. In every sense of the word.
Dylan: "Dude, Christopher Walken is the shit."

Kup: "I'll tell you what, Thass'um Good Meat."
by FernKrendle April 09, 2013
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