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Goochy Goochy Face Face

A game invented in the late 1990s by ex-England cricketer Graham Gooch.
A drink fuelled night out celebrating a test victory over Scotland turned sour when the England cricket team were denied entry to the V.I.P room in Stringfellow's. So incensed by this, Graham Gooch barged his way into the room to find it occupied by the Neville brothers celebrating a victory over Crystal Palace.
In an alcohol fuelled rage Graham lowered his pants and began to 'gooch' Gary Neville whilst shouting 'Goochy Goochy Face Face'.
The incident made headlines in all the Sunday papers and the two have not spoken since.

The object of the game is to place ones bare gooch on the opponents face while he/she is trying to do the same.
Goochy Goochy Face Face can be declared at anytime and anyplace with many bouts spontaneously starting during major sporting events and civil ceremonies.
Upon declaring 'Goochy Goochy Face Face' partcipants must remove ones clothes and try to 'Gooch' their opponent.
The contest continues until one participant is victorious.

The sport has quite and underground following which probably peaked in early 2002 when Chuck Norris knocked out Christian Slater with his patented 'Roundhouse Gooch'.
Chuck was later banned from the sport after killing two of the original members of Franz Ferdinand.
This paved the way for current fans favourite, Prince and his flamboyant overhead gooch manoeuvre which is loved by fans world wide.
Brian challenged Stewie to a game of Goochy Goochy Face Face.
by Jean Claude Van Damme February 06, 2006
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