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Gooch in spanish, to chill, hang out with someone or a group of people, or even by yourself.
Facebook Status: "Bout to go goochando with the girls"

Phone Convo:
Jack: "What you doing brah?"
Nick: "Nothin just got in from Becky's...tired."
Jack: "fuck that, we bout to goochando with her cousin!"
Nick: "Bet! give me 5 minutes!"

Boy: "hey baby!"
Girl: "Oh hey! whats up?"
Boy: "Nothing, just trying to see if yo u wanna goochando for a lil bit, catch a flick or something."
Girl: "Ok, ill text when I get out the shower"
#goochando #gouchando #chill #hang out #squad up #cool #gooch
by Don Chulo November 26, 2009
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