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During intercourse the creating of a loud popping noise by slapping the area betwixt the scrotal sac and the rectal region
This is fun baby time for a gooch slap
by My name February 11, 2003
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The act of slapping a man in the gooch.

Generally this is a non-sexual encounter practiced by a gooch assasin
Steve: hey Vic, if you don;t get your act together i'm gonna come over there and slap you in the gooch

Victor: Whatever

Steve: you asked for it! *Steve thunders toward Victor and slaps him square on the gooch*

Victor: ouch, that gooch slap really hurt!
by Mullet Boss October 27, 2009
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noun. 1. The "slap noise" a males testicles make when hitting the gooch while thrusting during the doggy position in sexual intercourse.

2. The "slap noise" male testicles make when a girl is on her back and the guy is doing work during sexual intercourse.

verb. "Gooch Slapping" - The act of causing a gooch slap.
Noun. She got the gooch slap last night.

Verb. I was gooch slapping like it was my job last night.
by John Schomaker August 19, 2010
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