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The sweaty, itchy, slimy feeling one gets in their butt after strenuous exercise such as running or any other type of aerobic activity.
Roman- "Hey Pete, you got any napkins on ya?"

Pete- "No. What for??"

Roman- "All this running is giving me serious goober butt."

Pete- "Oh, I HATE that."
by Leave the gun take the cannoli April 12, 2009
16 3
dimples on the female buttocks which resemble the demples on a peanut shell
That rearend used to be so firm, now its a goober butt.
by playmoresinatra July 07, 2014
0 0
ridiculous nickname given by a rambling fool when trying to force closeness and trust with someone they've slept with
"Ramblin Ro called her Goober Butt..."
"after only one week of sex"
"yup, bitch wants closeness"
by jame_the_blame December 09, 2005
23 26