a female newbie, as in "girl noob"
Overheard on Halo online: "What are you goobs about 13 years old? Beat it."
by Joe Bone March 09, 2005
a silly person; a term of endearment regarding a silly loved one
Haha goob. That was silly!
by HS:] August 14, 2010
silly person; silly acting
{ Kim has finished explaining to Jenn about the effects fishing has on her outfit planing.}

Jenn: You're such a goob!

by tconn January 26, 2009
a kid who spells everything wrong, is obsessed with basketball but sucks and constantly says uneccesary things, and or chants and is easily fooled and is also fat
We ready We Ready- quit pulling a goob
by Derren young goob January 18, 2011
Large cleavage; breasts and/or butt
Damn! That girl has major goob!
by DonkeySpinward September 19, 2015
goo•b Noun


1. An endearing pet name for someone close.

2. A less juvenile term than Goober for someone who is silly, or a goofball.

Origin: Goob is derived from the slang word Goober.
"You are such a Goob. I love you!"
by tattedfairy October 22, 2014
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