a silly, ridiculous person; a peanut-head
*you never message me
-you're always idle
by d0rk April 19, 2004
Pronounced like "wood". It's how the word good sounds to someone when you ask how their food is and they answer you with the food still in their mouth.
Q. Hey man, how's that burrito?
A. Goob.
by JB105 October 13, 2012
A tall dark and handsome man with incredible charm and wit.
Tina thinks Greg is such a Goob.
by You already know me February 19, 2012
Translated from ancient Aramaic as "guy-boobs".
That kid has some serious goobs!
by TheHandler September 12, 2008
A goob is generally someone who is a pleasant person to be around and a genuinely good person. They have caring qualities that most people don't have but wish they could. Most people describe them as "incredible"
Jessica is a total goob
by goooooooooob July 28, 2014
Someone who thinks they're funny and cool and cute but in reality they're just cute
Brandy is such a goob...but at least that tall and cuteish kid likes her
by Flynnrider June 18, 2014
in hindi it means an exalted one or one who is revered by everyone for their monstrous brainiac abilities
Sylvia is the goobiest goob, must she goob it up like dat?
by Gangsta Keeeeeeeeiiiid May 16, 2008
Refers to a business or an establishment that has "Gone Out Of Business" or closed down. Abbreviated by the beginning letter of each word. Gone or Going out of business.
"Hey, the record store I love has goob. or I used to go there all the time before it went goob.
by imagewise December 10, 2009

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