its another makeshift word for like or used to cover verb words
it started in antioch community highschool by ashley r. and kaley l its used to describe anything thats you dont want anyone to hear you say
like say there was this girl that looked like beefcake and was a slut
youd say
GOO! like calling your friend
"that goo's really gooed up this time i heard she good with all these goos and looks like a goo for sure goo
by Ashleygoo December 11, 2006
Someone who can't tell his hands from his feet; Jeremy Drechsler.
Goo, are you a monkey?
by Sticks May 25, 2003
A stubby penis. Orginates from colonie high school where a kid andrew goos penis popped out in the locker room and it was a stub. Goo
You can't say your big, you have a goo.
by Goo Founder December 08, 2006
Goo - to have a look, to stare, to examine
Give us a goo at that
by 50 Percent January 18, 2005
what fags say when something is disgusting
tiff has goo in her face
by mic September 29, 2004
To get really really high
Hey dood lets get goo!
by Rdub September 18, 2005
A stupid word that deemper and dyper made up
huh schuh goooooooooooooooooooooo
by Deemper November 14, 2004
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