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The act of standing over a person's face, placing a testicle in each of the person's eye sockets and laying your dick down their nose, thus resulting in the image of gonzo.
there was a guy last night at that party gonzo'ing this girl who was passed out on the couch!
by TheDolamite August 25, 2008
5 2
The act in which two naked males stand facing one another while rubbing their limp penis' together.
Oh my god, what are Jay and Mark doing???

I think they are gonzo'ing.
by bizzle777 January 10, 2009
7 5
The act or process of dropping one's testes into a passed-out or unconscious person's eye sockets and allowing the penis to rest down the victim's nose. The penis and balls should be in a formation mildly reminiscent to that of Muppets character Gonzo; qua gonzo-ing. Usually, conducted during the after-math of an epic party accompanied by photo-graphic evidence.
"Man, there's gonna be some serious gonzoing going down at tonights jam".
by Dirty Soodz Chimo the Second June 15, 2011
2 2