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1. Means "dove" in Russian/Polish.

2. A person insanely good at math and engineering, who's generally hot, tall, and athletic.
1. Golubs are a sign of freedom and hope.

2. I gots to get me one of those Golubs, ambition makes me so horny.
by Golub May 26, 2008
term used to decribe a PLAYAAA !
holyy shiatttttt hellllzzz yeaaa checkkk out thatttt golubbb all up in the lovin grillz of lammbyyyyy !
that golubbb is suchhhh a hunksicleeee. !
by Unanamisss November 05, 2007
the coolest world history teacher EVER... a real gangsta, P.I.M.P.
Golub forever!
Yo dawg, look at that... I think Mr. Golub's walkin by.
by SloppyJoe July 31, 2004
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