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a Golster is where administrative powers is given to someone who in turn removes the administrative abilities of all present that the abuser has the power to remove, including the giver of power.
After power is revoked the abuser removes the people that have had their administrative abilities revoked from hostile range.
In a Team Speak Server:
08:50:33 User1 grants User2 Channel Admin rights
08:50:41 User2 revokes User1 Channel Admin rights
08:50:42 User2 revokes User3 Channel Admin rights
08:50:43 User2 revokes User4 Channel Admin rights
08:50:48 User1 was kicked from channel Lounge by User2 ()
08:50:50 User3 was kicked from channel Lounge by User2 ()
08:50:52 User4 was kicked from channel Lounge by User2 ()

User2 has pulled a "Golster"

by sereus January 17, 2008
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