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Where someone swallows a goldfish whole without the need of water or choking. It can be any size and bought at a local pet store. This also needs to be a real live goldfish, not dead or fake. It's slimy and gross, if you want to be dared to do it go ahead, and it's easier than cinnamon ;)
Person 1: I dare you to do the goldfish challenge!
Person 2: WTF is that?
Person 1: Swallow a live goldfish whole!
Person 2: What do I get?
Person 1: A goldfish in your stomach.. and 5 dollars if you can do it without throwing up
Person 2: OKAY! :D
(Also goldfish are quite big)
Person 2: *chokes* ahh can't.. ahh breathe! *chokes*
by ThatGirlDownTheBlock?Fuckyeshh March 13, 2011

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