Similar to the london bridge. This is comprised of 4 homosexual men. Same configuration 2 men making out. While 2 other men do them doggy style and give high fives
Personally I perfer bottom left when performing the Golden Gate Bridge..
by Fancy Ladd Academy September 23, 2008
a place where more people kill themselves then any place in the world.

this obviously means san francisco has the largest population of emo kids then any other place in the world
my gf dumped me, let's go to the golden gate bridge.
by online handle August 30, 2006
In the beginning, when pre-intercourse begins the man reaches for some Goldfish. The Man inserts the Goldfish in the the woman's vagina. The man proceeds to eat the the Goldfish out of the woman's vagina.
Girl: Let's have some fun tonight!
Guy: We can Golden Gate Bridge
Girl: Grab the Goldfish!
by zachandlucasCreativeMindsInc. August 04, 2011
sexual position going across two beds, works best in a hotel room. It involves 2 guys and 2 girls. the girls lean over the gap of the beds on all fours and make out while each of the guys do the girls doggy and proceed to high five over the girls.

Easiest to accomplish in Seaside NJ.
GGB, Golden Gate Bridge
by c-toe January 03, 2010
when a man lays on his back with his feet propped up on a stool or couch producing a favorable angle of about 45 degrees at the waist, and a woman stands with her feet shoulder width apart just behind his head and arches over in the shape of a bridge giving him a blowjob while urinating all over his face
Rob: "What the hell is all over your clothes dude? Did Mary give you a golden gate bridge?"

Chet: "I don't know what you're talking about."
by Sean God McKee May 26, 2011
The Golden Gate Bridge is a variation of the Wobbly H and the Eiffel Tower. 5 people - Guy banging bent over girl from behind while she performs oral on the man in the middle. The man in the middle also receives a rusty trombone from the girl on the other side, whilst she is being banged from behind by the guy on the guy on the end. The man in the middle exchanges high fives with the guys on the ends, over the backs of the 2 ladies, thus making a golden gate bridge appearance.
Master P, Jay and P-Rod pulled a Golden Gate Bridge over Pinky and Kelly.
by Master Pee September 09, 2009
The final battle between James Bond 007 and his psychotic nemesis Max Zorin took place on it's girders.
Witnessing all of his brilliantly laid-out plans go up in flames and his revenge plot backfiring, Max Zorin grabbed an axe, jumped from his immobilized blimp unto the Golden Gate girders, and charged the one man that ruined everything.
by Exor May 24, 2004

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