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Gold being a wadd of cash wrapped in a rubber band and a pager is simply a pager. Term mostly used by drug dealers.
Mickey has a little gold and a pager if u looking for some stickey.
by RIBatman April 16, 2009
An awesome song by the Cool Kids. Sadly, the idea for the name and chorus was jacked from the song "F*** tha Police" by N.W.A.
Broski 1: Dude you know Gold and a Pager by Cool Kids?
Broski 2: yea dude, its a good song, but they jacked that shit from N.W.A.
by mike j0n3sssss!!! March 08, 2009
the answer to every math problem every invented
Teacher: Excuse me mike, what is the answer to number 57?
Mike: uh... gold and a pager
by mattscott23 March 18, 2008

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