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goise can mean anything you want it to, and it also means nothing. It is a universal word that is best used when directed towards an unsuspecting stranger. Other forms include the noun "goiserclause" and the noun "goiser" both used to describe a person.
when driving down the road you can roll down the window and yell to someone on the sidewalk "GOISE!"
or you can say "that guy is a goiser"
or "hey goiserclause, come here"
by Goiserclause August 31, 2007
A way that ugly girls pronounce the word "guys" to get attention and try to be cute, but its just not cute at all. Often said after "hey" - pronounced like "hoi". She sounds stupid but she actually means "hey guys" so just smile and nod and pretend its cute.
"Hoi goise! Wanna go to McDonalds? I'm starving you goise!"
by playtennis123456789 January 17, 2012
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