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2 definitions by Goiserclause

goise can mean anything you want it to, and it also means nothing. It is a universal word that is best used when directed towards an unsuspecting stranger. Other forms include the noun "goiserclause" and the noun "goiser" both used to describe a person.
when driving down the road you can roll down the window and yell to someone on the sidewalk "GOISE!"
or you can say "that guy is a goiser"
or "hey goiserclause, come here"
by Goiserclause August 31, 2007
ashaplaca is a multipurpose word. it describes the sound someone might make when they fall while skiing or it could be used simply as a filler word. You might say " man i wish i could ashaplaca" or it can be an entire sentence by itself, e.g. "ashaplaca" it is correctly pronounced osh-ah-plah-kah with all soft vowel sounds. closely related yet distant from the word goise
"hey ashaplaca, come here"
"i guess ashaplaca then"
by Goiserclause October 03, 2007