When you intentionally drive without your headlights to screw with the person in front of you. They cannot see you, like a ghost. Also known as phantom.
Dude you're crazy, you've been going ghost so long I don't even know where the road is.
by Kyle JC May 07, 2008
Top Definition
Staying under the radar for a while.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen John lately?

Person 2: No man, he went ghost, I haven't seen him in weeks.


Person 3: Dude, I came home shitfaced last night.

Person 4: Damn, what did your parents do?

Person 3: They're pissed. I guess I'm going ghost for a while.
by wellykid December 11, 2011
When after a date you straight up ignore a persons texts or calls until they stop texting you instead of having the balls to tell them that you just aren't interested.
"Hey how's it going with that chick you went out with last week?"

"She's not my type. She texted me and asked me out again so I'm just going ghost on her until she gets the message. "
by Wise Willy April 09, 2014
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