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When a female's breasts are so large that you could stick your head in between them and have your whole head disappear. When your head disappears, it ends up in Narnia.
"Whoa that girl could take me to Narnia."
"I'm going to get to go to Narnia tonight."
"I'm going to Narnia later today."
by Diz-E (DumplinG) May 28, 2008
Engaging in the drinking of alcohol
"Dude, I've had the worst day ever, let's Go To Narnia."
"I'm so bored, let's Go to Narnia."
Going to Narnia
by livelaughmusic2323 January 30, 2012
Having sex with a whore.
Dude, I'm going to Narnia
What the fuck man, you're gonna screw that chick?

I went to Narnia the other night.
Did you see the creatures in the forest?
by The Chinese Chicken October 29, 2009
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