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Running out of ammunition during battle and needing to return to base for a reload.
Darrin: "I've got seventy-five Taliban advancing down on us QUICKLY! Bring that second drop 300 meters closer, DANGER CLOSE, DANGER CLOSE !!! Send it!!

Pilot Prick: "Ahhhhhhh, I'm going to have to make a nice coordinated 250 degree turn beforehand, standby... and ahhhhhhhh... only have one other 500 lb munition remaining.... I didn't think we needed a full load..."

Darrin: "Don't tell me you're Going Winchester already!"

Pilot Prick: "Ahhhhhh that's an Affirm. Not to worry, I have plenty of fuel for aerial surveillance or I can return in 2 hours fully loaded."

Darrin: "Listen, you two pump chump! Pound it and leave!"
by SquirrelSmuggler February 01, 2014
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