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(Verb, To go to the store) Referring to the youtube video, "Going To The Store", where a claymation man seemingly has an epileptic fit whilst walking down the street, accompanied by a jaunty tune. If you say someone "Went to the store", it means they committed an act of insanity or clumsiness that results in people openly asking, "What the ACTUAL fuck, did I just see?"
"Dude, Mr. Goldsmith totally went to the store on us in metalwork last block."

"Hahaha, When you tripped, it looked like you were going to the store, bro!"

"You look like you're going to the store whenever you run, no offense"

"I know, I totally go to the store whenever I drink, I'm such a flail."
by RascallyRabbit September 11, 2011

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Masturbating with food, usually ham or a melon of some sort
Dude 1: Man, my hand just aint cutting it!

Dude 2: Whenever I need relief I just oull the ol' "going to the store"

Dude 1: you are disgusting... yet brilliant
by App13 December 07, 2009