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Where a normally female or (sometimes if lucky male) attempts to pleasure 3 women at the same time. violently.

normally the three women lay side by side, while the 'violator' inserts a fist in an orifice (anus or vagina) of the woman to the left and to the right. ideally when they are on their period. after cumming, they then lick the hand inside them of blood and female gush (or semen if a man is involved). the woman in the middle, gets licked, bitten and nosebutted on the anus, rectum, labia and clitoris.

it derives from an acronym but there are disputes as to what it stands for:
Go in Fisting Lesbian Gung-Ho/ Good-Oh
Go in Fisting Lesbian Gangbang
Go in Finger Licking Good
Jon: that guy is so lucky, he was goinflg last night!

Jim: no way?! 3 girls, 2 fists, 1 mouth, that sounds finger licking good!

Jon: more like fisting lesbians goodo!

Jim: Nice...
Jon: Nice...
by bombadildo June 08, 2010

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