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When an individual, usually in a religious
environment, screams and cries out to God during praise or worship.
Lady 1: Oh yes, God! Oh, God! YES! GOD! OOOOH YES!!!

Man: Geez, what IS that lady doing?

Lady 2: Oh, we're in church... so I assume she's just having a godgasm.

Man: Oh, of course.
by honeymoonkiss October 23, 2008
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Godgasm is one someone is super religious and tries to push their religion on you. They sometimes have just converted to their religion and they go from fun to prudes in one day. Godgasms usually are Party Fouls.
Guy 1: Hey Guy 2, wanna come drink with us at the bar.
Guy 2: What!? No way, don't you know I have to go to that church thing tomorrow morning?
Guy 1: Damnit your a godgasm!
Guy 2: Whatever, want to come to church with me?
by H.R. September 08, 2006
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