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Religious people that members of the GodFrosty cult hate. GodGobberists can be liable to attacks from members of the staunch atheistic cult GodFrosties in newspapers and internet forums.

godgobberism godgobberization godgobbers Auzzie-Gob GodFrosty godfrosters godfrostypeters godfrosts godgobberosis GodGobberAuzzieGobs

Peter, a GodGobberAuzzieGob cult member and avowed GodGobberist would say “You’ve got GodGobberism, I’m a GodFrosty, go away you GodGobber”.

The religious person may reply, “No, you go away Peter, we know you’re one of them ‘GodGobberAuzzieGob’ people, and not even an Aussie!”
by Sweet Mama June 04, 2008