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Anti-religious person hoping to establish a cult that refutes existense of God.

Usually persons of British heritage masquerading as Australians.

godgobbers godgobbing god-gobber godgobber godbotherer godgobberization godgobbers auzziegob godgobberosis godfrosties godfrosters godfrostypeters frostypeter godfrosts
'Hello mate, Peter here, do you want to sign up up for our campaign against the godgobbers? I know you're English like me, but I've been telling them I'm an Aussie, it's a brilliant plan!' I'm calling it GodGobberAuzzieGobs and it's a great idea.

'No thanks Peter, I'm a real Aussie, who cares about the godgobbers anyway'.
by JustToEasy May 31, 2008