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A Brother that has taken on the role of being a God Father. But not just any God Father but one that gives you the best life coaching, one that is eager to help when all is lost and one that tells you how it is. A God Father that tells you there's more fish in the sea and not to shop local. A God-Bro is a person that is willing to twist arms just so you can be happy. Although God-Bros tend to procrastinate, they will always make sure they do the best thing by you. God-Bros are the ones that people look up too they are the idols of society and simply the ones that are going to be there till the end.
Damo: Hey bro

Bro: hey yeah
Damo: Wanna be my God-Bro
Bro: I'd Love Too
by DamourGod-Bro November 25, 2013
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