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The act of using a sticky grenade to stick some one in halo3. Usually from a far distance away or killing more than one person with a single stick or "God Stick"
1. Dude, I just got a triple kill with one gernade, total God Stick.

2.I just threw my gernade in the air and God Stuck someone! ROFL

by paul4086 February 12, 2009
Black and Milds
Tom: Yo you got those god sticks?

Dave: Yea Man you know I got you.
by Cash money1234 September 30, 2009
TV remote control.
Give me the god stick !
by Paul Johnson November 12, 2003
•Pronunciation: \'gäd-steek also ˈgȯd-steek\ •noun

1: a thing, usually cylindrical in shape of supreme value or the male genitalia.

2: a person that appears boastful and acts as if he/she knows what they're doing is right but obviously lacks the credentials to back it up.
"What a huge God-stick you have!"

"Please hand me the God-stick will you?"

"Don't be such a God-stick"

In the gym: "What a God-stick. He doesn't even look like a personal trainer, yet he's instructing the guy who appears much bigger than him."
by Nikorasu84 May 07, 2010