noun - when playing a game, you make a shot that seems very lucky, almost as if God intervened into the game himself and changed the path of the ball.
(basketball) Mike was surrouded by enemy players, he made a roar-like noise, waved everyoe off with the ball, pertended to turn super saiyin, then jumped and scored a goal in basketball! Other than that, he sucked and did nothing remotely useful. Bob yelled "Dude u see that freshman score a God shot?"
by Can Not April 15, 2005
Top Definition
The word "God shot" refers to the perfect, devine espresso shot. According to some it is the unreachable utopia, while others claim to be able to pull one or two for every hundred espresso's they make.
Paolo, the Barista from that espresso bar, pulled me an absolute God shot yesterday.
by cruzlee October 28, 2007
A chance happening with profound meaning, an unexpected blessing, a "sign".
Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab said "All of a sudden what had been just another Hollywood proposal became for him an unexpected blessing, an opportunity for growth. In drug recovery language, that's called a "God shot."
by Imogen1564 January 31, 2011
A term used in the video/photography field generally used to describe a photo/video taken from a high-up, "where everything can be seen" angle. Similar to an ariel or eagle-eye view. A God sees everything view. Hence the term Godshot, because God sees everything.
Yeah, I got a Godshot of it.
by agriff April 14, 2011
when you take an amazing picture of something "deep" and "meaningful", and you feel like god.
guy 1: "dude, do you see that sunset?"
guy 2: "yeah whatever..."
guy 1: *snaps photo* "I JUST TOTALLY GOT A GOD SHOT!"
by teamvolturi October 07, 2010
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