a highly rated and well respected homosexual actor
White dude porn star: " Jimmmy sure can suck major cock"

Black dude porn star: "He be da Goblin King man!"
by Baz February 21, 2004
Top Definition
1. (Prop. Noun) A popular poster on the PvP Forums whose claims to Internet fame are his ambiguous sexuality, and writing fake slash about popular characters from such fantasy classics as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. See also attention whore.

2. (Prop. Noun) The King of Goblins, the antagonist of the film Labyrinth. Played by David Bowie. Disturbingly, he really is that well-hung.

3. (n.) Any King of Goblins, generally in a fantasy setting.
1. Did you see what Goblin King posted last night? My brain nearly shut down!

2. That Goblin King guy sure could sing.

3. "Verily, I shall slay thee, Goblin King!"
by Gildas January 18, 2004
A male that is very heavy weighted and sits around playing video games all day. One is also know to lie a lot.
Dude did you see that Goblin King?

Yeah, he told me he's a pilot.
by By Audio January 12, 2013
A sexually ambiguous pretty boy with potatoe fetish.

Someone who writes slash for the sake of terrifying others
I fucking hate Goblin King. He's so much more popular then I am.
by Six January 18, 2004
The Unholy Terror of the PVP Forum's Working Class.
Watch it or Goblin King will Post his Slash Fic in your thread!
by The Adventurer January 18, 2004
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