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A term used in Jamaica to describe people who make negative predictions or hypotheses which actually turn out to be the case. (P.S. Thing said must be negative in nature)
Bob and Peter decide to transport 100 kilos of weed in their car. Bob gets cold feet about the plan and says to Peter: 'What if the babylon boys stop us on the road?' (Babylon ==Police). Peter says to bob : 'Stop being a little sissy and let's do this man'. They start to drive and on reaching a corner they meet up on some babylon boys who are doing a spot check and they get pulled over. Peter says to Bob: 'You know, you are a real goat mouth Bob?'.
by macho_man July 28, 2016
Rare condition typically found in babbling old men and meth heads. Also occurs with the teethless wonders of our society. Condition can be spotted when an individual constantly slides their jaw around in all directions, for no apparent reason, resembling that of a goat chewing on some grass or a boot, or looking as if they are trying to eat their own face. Severe case can be witnessed in Old School by noting Blue's crazy jaw movements.
Victims of the Goatmouth epidemic should be lynched.
by Rumpulstiltskin January 23, 2008
When a female has a recessed chin making her mouth look like that of a Goat. There may be an overbite involved, possibly big gums, and may or may not be accompanied by other Goat like features. In serious cases the chin becomes one with their neck.

In these situations do not allow the male penis to enter the mouth of the female Goat Mouth. Often, jagged teeth from chewing on cans as snacks has ravaged the Goat Mouth which can cause potential serious male penis injury.
I was checking out this fine female rump when all of a sudden the chick turns around and I nearly shit myself when I saw her extreme case of Goat Mouth dude brah.
by Jamerdogg August 28, 2010
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