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Excitement felt when meeting a goal that has been set.
I am going to have such a goalgasm when I reach this goal.
by girlstopcomplaining November 30, 2014
During any European Football/Soccer games, whenever a goal is scored, the announcer of the game will scream barely understandable things, often in foreign languages, and scare anyone who happens to be watching the game.
--------------------A goalgasm in action------------------------
Announcer: Vozisov takes it the the net, he fakes out the goalie, and OHHHHH^($)^ GREATEST DAY OF *&^$* AHHHH! HE TOTALLY WANTACKASHI! YAMAMOTAKA!!!

Disturbed family watching: ...
How about we go out for ice cream.
by The 24 June 14, 2011
What happens in my pants after a goal is scored in soccer.
OMG after David Beckham scored that epic header I had a goalgasm.
by Jacob Pollack May 17, 2008

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