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When a guy saves a friend with Beer Goggles on against a fat or fugly chick. And uses ANY MEANS necessary to get their drunk friend away from the girl before she scores and permanent damage is done. Hence the name Goal Line Stand.
Thank god I was there last night for Frank, we had to pull a goaline stand before he was mauled and crushed by a fat chick.
I woke up on the floor this morning only to find a whale in my bed. Wheres a Goal line stand when you need one?

Man we had to fight that girl off of you with a stick. Thank god we formed a Goal Line Stand or you would have been history.

Come on guys shes not that bad, she had a smoking body and I could of put a bag on that face. You didn't have to form a Goal Line Stand
by Adam Ohman July 04, 2007
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