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n. A bro who always has a GoPro strapped to his head or on his person. GoBros are ususally spotted doing "extreme" sports like snowboarding, kayaking, skateboarding, or rappelling. They will often say things like, "That was epic," and, "Did you get that, bro?" Most GoBros are basically talentless and will spend 9 hours filming themselves so they can make a 30 second YouTube video to prove how brotally awesome they are.
GoBro 1: "Dude we are going skateboarding."

GoBro 2: "Let me get my GoPro, first, bro."

GoBro 1: "Yes! This will be epic, bro. We aren't that good at skating, but Tad is pretty good at iMovie. We are gonna get up to 20 subs on our YouTube channel."
by FenceAlmighty March 08, 2014
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Surfing related: That bro that always paddles out to surf with his waterproof camera. Most surfers are skeptic about Gobro's presence, but end up posing in waves.
Surfer #1: "Who's that and what's that thing in his hand?"

Surfer #2: "You mean GoBro over there? Don't know him, but he's always paddling out with his camera, shooting everyone in the lineup. Some kind of paparazzi"

Surfer #1: "That's crazy, but lets give him some footage to remember then."
by GoBro November 25, 2011

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