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The random cyborg-type ape-descendant-hating being that is possibly the main influence why Europe gets such a raw deal out of everything. If you see him and you have a pair of wire-cutters in your pocket, give him a snip for me, will ya?
Typical example of Go-Sen speech:

"Foolish ape-descendants. I will destroy you all. Hahahahaha. Malfunction imminent. Shut-down in 5...4...3..."

And so on.
by Timothy Dallas January 23, 2004
A large metallic robot who currently holds the position of managing director of sales and marketing at Nintendo of Europe. He can often be found terminating inferior beings, and uttering phrases such as "There has never been a better year to get a Gamecube" and "Gosen smash!"
"Resistance is futile. Blork, blork. Gosen smash!"
by Wormy December 22, 2003

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