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9 definitions by Wormy

A notorious criminal mastermind known to be plotting world domination via the mass baking of muffins. Experts hypothesise that he may be planning to force the muffins to fight for him. Although it was originally suggested that his lair was located on Drury Lane, searches produced no substantial results. Little more is known about him, other than that he may well be in league with a person by the name of M. Perryman. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the muffin man, do not hesitate to contact your government.
Do you know the muffin man?
by Wormy December 22, 2003
338 138
An infamous fugitive on the run who led the US government to enlist the help of the civilian population by producing a set of books filled with images suspected to contain Waldo. Waldo was spotted by keen-eyed kiddies on several occasions, but blended into the masses when law enforcement officials were called to the scene. To this day, he remains at large.
Oh, there he- no, that's Waldo's girlfriend...
by Wormy December 22, 2003
204 226
A large metallic robot who currently holds the position of managing director of sales and marketing at Nintendo of Europe. He can often be found terminating inferior beings, and uttering phrases such as "There has never been a better year to get a Gamecube" and "Gosen smash!"
"Resistance is futile. Blork, blork. Gosen smash!"
by Wormy December 22, 2003
3 42
Where you will be when CATS sets up you the bomb and steals all your base. This is a situation that can be remedied by taking off every 'ZIG' for great justice.
How are you gentlemen !!
All your base are belong to us.
You are on the way to destruction.
You have no chance to survive make your time.
by Wormy January 01, 2004
5 56
A phrase often used (incorrectly) by ignorant people who attempt to sound cool by quoting Zero Wing, but do not, in fact, have a clue what they are talking about. This phrase never appears in the game, and the real phrases were "Move 'ZIG'" or "Take off every 'ZIG'".
Fred Dibnah: All your base are belong to us.
Davros: Launch all 'ZIG'!
Fred Dibnah: Shut up.
by Wormy December 29, 2003
14 66
An innocent-looking kitchen utensil commonly used to flip burgers which is actually part of an evil cult known as Spatualism. Spatulas are also in league with cats and spatuals, which are spatulas with eyes. The Catula is said to be the leader of the cats and spatulas. Fortunately, one can protect oneself against this menace by donning SXIPPG (Sporus Xylogenous Inhibitor Precautionary Protection Getup) gear, which consists of a frying pan/bowl/Santa hat as headwear, an empty bin bag for body protection, sunglasses and oven gloves. It is thought that cat-spatula information exchange is initiated by the cat rubbing its head against the spatula.
Warn all of your friends about the spatula menace.
by Wormy December 22, 2003
42 96
Person wearing a knotted hankerchief on his head, glasses, a Hitler-style moustache, rolled up trousers and suspenders. Liable to brain hurting.
"My brain hurts!"
by Wormy March 28, 2004
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