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A term used to encourage or re-inforce a good act, typically used by father to son (at a football game or when he gets a beautiful chick) or alternatively used by work collegues within "British" sales culture to congratulate on a good job;
Example 1:

Son comes home after long eventful night out, "dad i kissed lucy tonight"
Dad respond "Go on Son"

Example 2:

Sara who works for a Successful Startup company closes a deal for $120,000 and her COO comes into the office and says "Go on Son"
by TrayManator June 14, 2011
The, as of yet, purely theoretical hole in the gooch. Its existence is however scientifically proven, and not a myth. Said to stimulate intense ecstasy and burning hatred, many a man has whiled away a day searching in vain for that elusive hole.
As he glanced across the room a savage tingling erupted in his goonson. He had thought the night was over and had been ready to leave; in fact, it had only just begun . . .
by Goony Pete April 27, 2010

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