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In its most generic sense, to shove a doorknob up your (or someone else's) ass.

If you gnohb with something else, then you stick something else up your (or someone else's) ass.

If you gnohb someplace else, then you stick a doorknob someplace else.

It is possible to gnohb with something other than a doorknob someplace other than in the ass, but these must be specified.

I took that door handle and gnohbbed for half an hour last night.

Watch it or I'm going to gnohb you with this lamp (stick this lamp up your ass).

I'm going to gnohb her in the vagina (stick a doorknob up her vagina).

I think I'm going to gnohb myself in the mouth with this muffin (essentially: I think I'm going to eat this muffin).
by Darth Flexline April 21, 2010

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