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An adjective to describe someone who takes on all arguments to promote organic food and sustainable corporations.
Duco: "Sloots is such a gnerf! He gnerfs all the time."

Sloots: "gnerf"
by Z4zaa October 06, 2010
Being a know-all and dictating your superior, eco-friendly opinion as being the only one a normal person could have. even though it is actually a greenpeace, treehugging opinion that's at best worth understanding in order to be able to kick the 'gnerf' in a discussion.

Note: 'gnerf' is both a verb and a noun.
person: "i think a hummer is cool"
gnerf: "Driving a hummer is bad for the environment"
person: "don't gnerf at me! let me be!"
by helemaalkaal October 07, 2010
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