pronounced- GNAR KILL!
origins- From the great philosopher Gnarious Jarious

1. to describe something extremely gnarly

2. a term used to describe a slaughtering of any sort by the use of gnarring

3. Capt. omega and swizzo
1. Watch "The Gnar Jar" on youtube

2. Duuude. We sold 60 "Gnar Jar" shirts today!

-Shoooo man, thats GNAR KILL!!-

3. Me.
by Capt. Omega March 07, 2010
Something really awesome, or good.
"Dude, that trick was hella gnar kill bra!"
by lizabuthh August 13, 2007
Something so incredibly awesome that you don't know exactly what to say. Only Gnar_kill can explain it.
That dude just humped your sisters leg. That was so Gnar-Kill
by Andy July 18, 2004
gnar kill is a band made up of bam margera (keyboard) brandon dicamello (vocals) and i dont know who the drummer is. their most popular songs include 'skeletor and beastman' and 'mustardman'
go on kazza and search for gnar kill
by mike January 23, 2004
sinonim for awsomeness
Example: robert devin billy and greg are all gnarkill ganstas
by zaxwithanx October 01, 2006
A funny but fictional band. Bam Margera-keyboards, Jess Margera-drums, and Brandon Dicamillo-vocals
"I'll eat a piece of shit/Rather than fill my hands with mustard/WooWoo/I don't need that/I like custard"-Mustard Man
by Lindsey February 01, 2004
A really, really ugly girl. So disgusting that even if you were drunk/high/lonely you wouldn't get with her.
Dude that girl at the club was so gnar kill. Not even the hobo with one leg would get with her.
by The Bros. June 26, 2008

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