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A small village in Tuscarawas County Ohio. Its been called "Paradise Ohio" or "The Lord's Favorite Vacation Spot". It also has never rained there, its like taking a trip to Hawaii. The only knock on this wonderful village is that it has neighbors known as Uhrichsville and Dennison. These towns are like the slums of New York City they bring Gnadenhutten's property values down.
by The Meerkat October 04, 2009
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A small town in Ohio that is like Mayberry. Everyone seems to know everyone and there is nothing to do here. Almost all the people are snobs. If you move here and don't look like a carbon copy live everyone else prepare to be snubbed by everyone for many years to come, even though you don't cause any trouble and never call the cops when the neighbor kids are being loud at 1 in the morning when you got to get up for work at 4. There are no bars, and the gas station does not sell alcohol.
There is nothing to do in Gnadenhutten
by I'm over 9000 May 14, 2011

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