Stands for: Gold Mystery Box, in the PlayFish game, PET SOCIETY.

It's worth 500 Pet Society coins, and is commonly used in various trading forums as currency, for buying items.
A: "Wanted: A Teddy Bear"
B: "I have one. Sell it to you for 3 GMB :)"
by urulokei January 27, 2009
Top Definition
and abbreviation for Gargle My balls
Rachel- Ryan come over for some 1v1 (;
Ryan- will you GMB?
Rachel- Of course ry ry (;
by RyanRamsworth December 30, 2010
It means "Google Me, Bitch!" It's used when someone questions your identification when they should know you because of your level of fame.
A doorman at a club won't let you in. You respond, "You don't know who the fuck I am? GMB!"
by Dassai50 March 27, 2015
Defined as Garlic-Mingin’-Breath – the condition of disgusting halitosis garlic breath from having eaten garlic riddled food, most commonly the night before
Chick: “Dude, what on earth have you been eating?!”

Dude: “Man, I ate some fine looking fricassee for dinner last night but it’s given me real bad G-M-B this morning.”
by _clint October 28, 2010
got my boobs sucked
B: Gurl what happened to you last night??
A: I dont know but i so GMBS
by lush18 September 07, 2010
An emoti-acronym used for situations where "LOL", "LMAO", and/or "ROFLMAO" just doesn't quite express the fit of laughter you are experiencing. "GMB", or "Grabbing my balls" can be added to any of the aforementioned to adequately illustrate your uproarious reaction to what you have found to be overwhelmingly funny. Additional intensity could be expressed by adding an 'F' -- such as: "GMFB".
"LMAO GMB!! That's fuggin' classic!"

"What? She got caught jerking off the janitor?? LOL GMB!!!"
by slodrive August 24, 2011
stands for gold mystery box in pet society, which is really called expensive mystery box but nobody cares. it may contain 999s or junk, but most of the time it contains junks.It was used for trading in pet society forum before playfish fixed the "refresh glitch".
psaddict1:hey what did you get from the gmb?
psaddict2:mayor doll.
by iamthemayor March 21, 2010
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