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The act of having Gloop seemingly secrete from the tips of your fingers. The leading cause of Jam Hands, Glooping leaves everything smudged and sticky when touched by the infected. Most common in small children and the really obnoxious.
Matt: "Why is my iPod all sticky?!"

Evan: "Sorry, my fingers are glooping..."
by fingerblaster69 March 25, 2010
6 1
to move very sluggishly
He was glooping to his locker because he had had a bad day.
by Lola Black February 08, 2007
1 5
when someone is staring/concentrating very hard, staring into space looking doped
what are you glooping at?!
stop glooping at me your freaking me out
by devilboy December 02, 2004
2 7