To jump on and hug someone (usually friends).
Often used in both anime and the internet.
With a yell/warning of "GLOMP" A tackled her friend, B, with a hug and refused to let go.
by OMG-APPLE December 07, 2008
A hug in the manner of a small child, similar to a bearhug but often including one or both legs as well as arms. Also a hug in which the hugger jumps and catches the victim by surprise or off-guard. Occasionally referred to as a cross between a running tackle and a bearhug.
A charges at B while B is unaware and body-slams them spread-eagle and latches onto them with all four limbs! B screams in surprise and gasps for air. Realizing it was not an attack, B hugs A back. :3

>>>what A did would be considered a "Glomp"<<<
by Kurau Sky August 06, 2009
V. To Glomp

A sort of a running hug.
*Ed runs up and tackle hugs me*

Me: Hey, you Glomped me!
by Scooley01 December 03, 2004
kind of a cross between a hug and a tackle. showing exctement to see one person. usually used in either a sexual or non sexual way. i run at you, all excited, expecting you to catch me and hug me.. basically i throw myself at you at very high speeds to say a simple hello.
me: *runs at you* *screams* CATCH ME!
you: *catches and hugs*

i like to glomp people with excitement.
"glomp" used as "greet and jump at"
by cay-oh! May 01, 2007
A ginormous invasive hug in which the "glomper" covers the entire "glompee's" body.
Often in tackle form.
Tyler ran up to Caitlin and glomped her.
She fell down.
by The real Soup October 16, 2008
A glomp is a silly affectionate hug. For a small person it it running up to a larger person and jumping on their back. For a larger person it could mean swinging another person around.
A ran up to B and *glomped* her on the back

Tanya loves to *glomp* her boyfriend unexpectedly
by Nyya March 14, 2011
The word used when glomp is kickable in IRC.
* Mr_Sam glömps Meow
<Mr_Sam> Ah-ha-ha! Your auto-kick glomp script does nothing, Predator!
by Mr Sam May 05, 2004

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