An acronym for "Go Look On Google"
Dakota: What's firefox?!??!?!?!
Toonie: GLOG.
by Artoonie November 14, 2007
Top Definition
Cigarettes; can also be used as a verb,
as in, glogging (smoking a cigarette) or in the singular, i.e.- glog.
(This word originated in Ridgewood, New Jersey, a town which developed its own slang and language of sarcasm. It was essentially pioneered and cultivated by the infamous Stephan Ross of 118 Lincoln Avenue Fame.)
What kind of glogs do you smoke?;

Can I have a glog?;

It sucks that Bloomberg passed that law that you can no longer glog in bars;

I would tell him but he borrowed my lighter and is now outside glogging...
by Ridgewood September 29, 2004
It is an acronym used by some card carrying nerds, for the phrase "Good Looking Out G."
Guy: "Hey I got you some pizza roles for the magic tournament tonight"

Other Guy: "GLOG!"

Guy: "WERD"
by basementaljack August 04, 2010
Glog, the sound a woman makes while deep throating a massive cock.
Man 1: Damn dude! you see that chick?
Man 2: Glog, glog, glog. Nah mean?

Man 1: Coming out tonight Wes?
Man 2: Nah, chilling with the girl.
Man 1: Glog, glog, glog!

Man: Yeah, take that shit bitch!
Woman: GLOG GLOG GLOG *cough* GLOG GLOG *drool*
Man: Yeah look at those blood shot eyes!
by Seventk May 13, 2011
A term used to describe the act of face-fucking. An example of onomatopoeia, because the sound made by face-fucking is usually, "GLOG GLOG GLOG GLOG etc..."
"I heard Tony gave that bitch a rusty trombone last night"

"Nah, dude he totally glogged her. I could hear GLOG GLOG GLOG GLOG from all the way in the other room. It sounded like someone was smacking two fish together."
by Dr. Milk Chocolate McNugzzz March 16, 2010
a specific type of blog, namely gossip blogs...
I'm reading that website again, there's just something about the way Michael glogs...
by Cat tickle May 31, 2007
A blog about the tv show Glee or anything related to the show.
Angela: I'm gonna go glitter
Booth: Okay then, i'll just go on tumblr and glog about the teaser for next week's glee episode
by gleekgirl97 September 25, 2010
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