Slang term used to denote farmers and hillbillies. A gloaf is described as being a moronic, idiotic, impulsive, repulsive, dimwitted, clumsy oaf of a farmer. A gloaf usually smells of manure or body odour, or a mix of the two. Typically, most gloafs are ignorant and opinionated. See also, bigot
What is that horrible stench? Oh it's just that stupid gloaf standing over there picking his nose.
by Buttercup123 November 28, 2006
Short for "GLad its Only A Fart". The fart one gives when he/she is gassy, bloated, prairie dogging and/or and stuck in any situation preventing them from using a bathroom. To release pressure one must take the chance of slightly (but carefully) relaxing the sphincter muscles in hopes that what comes out is ONLY a fart.

Note: if something comes out besides air...then it is no longer a successful GLOAF

See: muddbutt
So we were at the Company Employee Picnic and after eating my boss's wife's meatloaf.... I Gloafed when he was talking about my upcoming raise. How embarrassing!
by r0adbeast July 16, 2013

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